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If you calculate the average amount of income an individual is expected to earn over a lifetime, it often far exceeds the value of any homes, cars or assets currently owned. It may come as a surprise then, to find that more people have insurance to cover the cost of their car, than have life insurance.

At Finsbury Associates, we take your insurance planning and protection needs very seriously. We’ll conduct an individual assessment to ensure you acquire the insurance solution which will protect your loved ones from financial hardship, should the worst happen.

Life Insurance

Anyone who is depended on by young children, a spouse or other friends or family should take their life insurance policy very seriously. A small monthly or annual contribution is a small price to pay to guarantee a lump sum is paid to your beneficiaries upon your death.

Typically, the younger you are, the cheaper your life insurance will be. At Finsbury Associates, we specialise in sourcing insurance policies whatever your circumstance; you can rely on us for bespoke solutions that fit your individual situation.

Critical Illness

According to the American Association for Critical Illness Insurance, a 25-year-old male has a 34% chance of suffering cancer, a heart attack or a stroke prior to turning 65. It’s a sad and worrying reality for many individuals who are the family breadwinners – tragedy can strike at any time. That’s why it’s more crucial than ever to ensure you have a critical illness policy that will protect your loved ones.

At Finsbury Associates, we source critical illness cover that will guarantee a lump sum if you are diagnosed with one of the specified life-altering illnesses. Financial hardship is the last thing anyone wants to worry about when recovering from serious illness; the critical illness cover helps to put financial woes to the back of your mind, so you can better focus on regaining your health.

Additional Coverage

We also offer a range of important additional policies that could be relevant to you. From permanent and temporary disability cover, loss of income due to redundancy, accident protection and general health cover, we source the solutions that can help protect your loved ones in most circumstances.

If you’re seeking a financial services provider who can source bespoke insurance policies and solutions, contact our knowledgeable Finsbury Associates team today.

Free Guide to Expatriate Life Insurance

Our experts have put together a free PDF on expatriate life insurance for everyone to download. Click the link today, to discover how you could protect yourself and your family from financial hardship in the case of illness or death.


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